Multilingual Project

Client: DG Education Arts and Culture (European Commission)

The aim of the assignment was to assist DG EAC with the promotion of language learning and the linguistic diversity of the Erasmus+ programme, in particular through the promotion of the European Language Label (ELL).

The ELL Award encourages new initiatives in the field of teaching and learning languages, rewarding new techniques in language teaching and spreading the knowledge of languages to promote good practice.

With support from DG EAC, Ecorys was commissioned to produce a suite of multilingual information materials to inform Erasmus+ target groups about ELL opportunities.

A total of 50 videos were produced to showcase the diversity and importance of education in all the European languages. Pop-up banners were produced in 26 languages for 26 National Agencies to disseminate to the public for use across events. The events were linked to promoting diversity in language learning across the EU. Following the success of the Multilingual phase of the contract, we initiated phase 2 which involved the design and production of postcards and posters to aid promotion of the ELL Award.


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European Languages

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