A digital agency with a conscience

Our ever-growing digital portfolio is bursting with communications and creative contracts. We combine our digital expertise with our extensive knowledge in public policy.

Our team of dedicated international communications experts provide a high quality, reliable and cost effective service. We understand the content our clients want to communicate and the target groups they want to reach – no matter how complicated the subject matter is.

Who we are

Ecorys are at the forefront of digital design and communications in the public sector. We offer our clients a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers and digital communications experts with experience working across UK, Europe and international markets.We work closely with our clients to deliver services and products tailored to their needs.

For years, organisations such as the European Commission and the UK Government have relied on our services.Over the last 20 years, our communications and creative contracts have become an integral component in the overall success of Ecorys. Today Ecorys UK is part of a global group working in more than 100 countries.

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What we do

We pride ourselves in our ability to develop creative concepts that, not only match our client’s aspirations, but take their brand to the next level. We work with our clients to ensure these concepts turn into impactful outputs that will impress, influence and inspire. True creativity can only be born out of collaboration and we aim to push and challenge our clients to reach new heights.

Anyone can put together design concepts to try to ‘win’ business, but the only way that design concepts really takes off is when you work closely with a creative team that you can trust.

Our Values



We value our people, our partners and our clients



We value creativity, innovation and excellence in everything we do



We value honesty, transparency and seeking to do the right thing



We value team work, collaboration and diversity in all its forms



We value our independence, our objectivity, independent thinking and creative problem solving

When we started

Ecorys UK started life as a spin-off from Aston University in Birmingham. Senior researchers Frank Joyce and Hugh Williams OBE set out to pursue a new type of research-led company grounded on rigorous research and consultancy that held a social impact in the wider world.

In 1982, they founded Ecotec Research & Consulting, a company with a geographic focus not only in the UK but also in the wider European Union. In 2000, Ecotec Research & Consulting joined forces with two leading companies from the Netherlands – the Netherlands Economic Institute (NEI) and Kolpron – that had a similarly strong history of quality research and consulting going back more than eight decades. An early director of NEI, Jan Tinbergen, received the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1969. The new group of companies was renamed Ecorys and in 2010 Ecotec Research & Consulting became Ecorys UK.

Ecorys now works in over 100 countries with over 625 employees from 40 nationalities.


Work with us

We are proud to have a diverse and multicultural team. This creates an exciting mix of perspectives, attitudes and values, which is reflected within our work.

Our working culture promotes personal and career development as well a commitment to support new talent through offering work placements within the company, working with the digital team on a wide range of ‘real’ projects, learning new skills and techniques, as well as getting useful experience of working with other teams within the company.

We are also regularly on the lookout for creative freelancers and web/front end developers for projects.